Michael's story

Shortly after turning 30, Michael Arbitman became blind due to complications from an eye infection he contracted while traveling overseas for work. When this happened, Michael had to overcome many obstacles. These obstacles gave him the ability to see opportunity in a whole different light, there were many things to learn while transitioning from the corporate world to a new entrepreneur.

This transition gave Michael the ability to develop a step by step business module called our Accelerator Now Program. Attached to this Program, and a very key piece in learning how to empower business through a Blind Eye, is his passion for accessibility.

Through all of the years of experiences, we’ve not only been blessed to receive help when we didn’t expect it. But now, we have the ability to give back in ways we’ve never imagined possible. Blind Tech offers the application process within each page of our website. We accept and consider all application on all different levels within Mentoring, Building and Investing.

It’s never all or none, Blind Tech can help anywhere in between.

Michael Arbitman Co-Founder Blind Tech Studio